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Other components that have a significant impact on switching power supply life?

Other components that have a significant impact on switching power supply life:

1. Electrolytic capacitors: Electrolytic capacitors are also one of the components that are sensitive to temperature;

2. MOS tube: The MOS tube is in a high-speed switching state, and the voltage stress and current stress are high. The heat caused by the loss will also cause the MOS tube to accelerate aging, and when the external high-voltage interference is large, the larger MOS tube is easily damaged. . ;

3. Second tube: The second tube mainly bears two main electrical stresses, including reverse withstand voltage and forward current. Changed the life of the switching power supply. In addition to controlling R&D and production, attention is also paid to the actual use of the power source, such as work. Temperature, humidity, etc. are not explained here.

Advantages of switching power supplies for industrial control equipment:

1) Small size and light weight 2) High conversion efficiency, generally above 85% 3) Wide voltage input range, and compatible with AC and DC input 4) Continuously adjustable output voltage, easy to operate.

Disadvantages of switching power supply for industrial control equipment: 1) High output ripple voltage 2) Relatively complex circuit and high cost

Advantages of linear power supply: 1) No high frequency noise interference 2) Lower ripple voltage 3) Simple circuit structure and easy maintenance

Disadvantages of linear power supplies: 1) bulky, difficult to transport and handle) 2) high conversion efficiency, serious loss 3) limited voltage input range

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