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Will switching power supplies replace linear regulators?

Will switching power supplies replace linear regulators? Outside of the power supply design community, there is also a sense that power supply design is easy and not worth the time and effort. Unsurprisingly, there have been numerous product recalls related to power and thermal issues in recent years as evidenced by this.

Power is a mature industry. Standard circuits are used worldwide and flyback circuits, converters and forward converters dominate the field. This situation has stabilized for many years, and as a result, semiconductor companies have made efforts to integrate functions into chips, which have more and more functions and fewer and fewer parts.


As switching power functions are integrated into the chip, we often lose design and cannot use critical functions. In a future column, I'll discuss the parts that are being integrated, and why I personally like using discrete designs to access many of them. In this column, we'll focus on feedback control, one of those features that can be ignored.

Control design has always been a skill in power supply design. During a design round, people often pretend that the function does not need to be concerned, and the integration of the feedback loop is nothing but a chance for proper system design.

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