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Advantages and disadvantages of switching power supply for industrial control equipment

Advantages and disadvantages of switching power supply for industrial control equipment? Industrial control equipment switching power supply is one of the Chengliang power supply series, and its advantages are widely used. The switching power supply life of industrial control equipment and the barrel effect of the components used, so the impact of key components on it is significant.

After the transformer winding is energized, the magnetic flux tested by the coil flows in the iron core, which is itself a conductor, and induces an induced potential in a plane perpendicular to the magnetic field lines, thereby forming a closed-loop core cross-section on the iron core and creating a so-called "eddy current" the current. This eddy current increases the wear of the transformer and heats the core of the transformer. In addition, the copper wires used in winding transformers also have resistance. When current flows, power is dissipated, and this part of the loss heats up, which causes the temperature of the transformer to rise during operation. As the temperature of the transformer increases, the coil will not be able to prevent aging. When aging reduces energy, the shock resistance to the power supply becomes weak, the transformer is prone to breakdown, and the switching power supply of industrial control equipment fails. Therefore, the selection of transformer components is critical.

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